Service Provider Information

In order to ensure that all business transactions run smoothly, we use different, standardized systems.
If you as a service provider have problems with the availability of one of our services, you have the following standard contact options:

DNS, server, infrastructure and CDN technology:
Mail Submission and Delivery:
SSL/TLS or S/MIME certifications:
Suspicious behavior of systems:
Security Policy Violations:

Global SP API:

You can of course also use the contact form, but this will delay processing.

As a service provider, please send us the log files in plain text (TXT) format for each incident, otherwise we will unfortunately not be able to intervene.

Problems with the email system for service provider

If your email was rejected by our system, please see our inbound mail policy:

We expect service providers to comply with the technical standards for the transmission of e-mail as published by the Internet Society (ISOC) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), including the RFCs for SMTP, the “Internet Message Format” and Forward-confirmed reverse-dns. Please ensure that your e-mail systems meet these standards.

Avoid obfuscation and spamming methods used by criminals (hashbuster, masking, changing, missing or false sender information, etc.) and do not use bulk mail software that employs such techniques.

URLs of services known to be abused (see are rejected by our spam filter to protect our customers.

For security reasons, our servers generally do not allow unencrypted transfers.

Regulation of the blocking times for service provider

Our visit regulation is as follows:

  • Access that is identified as an attempted attack or spam or that violates the Commons Standards such as the Robots Exclusion Standard is automatically blocked for one hour.
  • Repeat violations within one day will result in a one-week ban.
  • Repeat violations within a week will result in a month’s ban.
  • Repeat violations within a month will result in a one-year ban.

If you think your IP has been blocked by us, you can check our block list at AbuseIPDB.

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